Homegrown Hydroponics - They ripped me off ... i do not know what happened to my$ 3000.oo

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1 comment

oh my god this people ripped me off!they don't even answer their phones!!!

howard!!! where is my moneyyy!!! id order a grow box over 2 months ago, i sent home grown hydroponics a total amount of US$ 3000.00 and i was promised a jumbo deluxe grow box. till this day i haven't received nor the grow box or the money back.

someone needs to put a stop to these wrong doers they are ripping people off and selling them items that they probably don't even exist.

can someone please do something about it?they need to be punished.



Not sure what type of grow box you are looking for but if you go to www.tuckerspride.com, they have a product called The Anywhere Garden that is pretty impressive. Sorry about you getting ripped off!! That SUCKS!!!

Homegrown Hydroponics - order# 2996?

Dallas, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved

I placed my order on 11/10/09.They said it would be 8 to 12 weeks.

It's been 18 weeks. As of today I never recieved anything. I tried to call but the phones have been disconnected. I tried to email several times but got no reply.

I sent a letter but got no response. Why can't they respond? I visited their web site and they had a messege saying that the business is for sale. I emailed that web site and still got no response.

I hope they see this complaint and respond.Order# 2996 3/18/10



You shouldn't be trying to grow pot.

Homegrown Hydroponics - Worst investment i've ever made

Worcester, Massachusetts 0 comments
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I just bought a grow box from Homegrown-Hydroponics because I saw some good things about it online from blogs and whatnot.Turns out all of them are WRONG!

My light came broken, as did my timer and they did not give me any pH equipment or all my nutrients. The customer service is quite possibly the worst thing ever to the point where you can say there is non at all. The one time I did manage to reach a live person he was a *** and basically called me an *** because the timer they sent had not on off segments even though he said there was, but what would i know I'm just an electrician who wires these things all the time.


Review about: Pc Planter.

Homegrown Hydroponics - Homegrown-Hydroponics ripped me off

Washington, District Of Columbia 27 comments
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So many options for the hydroponic enthusiast.Stay away from "Howard" and www.homegrown-hydroponics.com.

He shipped broken items and didn't fill the entire order.

Not shockingly, the most expensive part of my order was never filled. www.homegrown-hydroponics.com (the hyphen is key) is rated "F" by the south Florida Better Business Bureau. I should have researched before I decided to do business with Howard Birnbaum. His company has also been reported to google because they spam search engines to increase their web presence.

To top it off, it was the worst costumer service I've ever encountered.



Buy from www.Dealzer.com. You can't go wrong.


This company as well ad Delta 13 care absolutely nothing at all about customer service.The owner John skipped town and shut down his store owing me over $600 in products.

He made all kinds of excuses and when I would have the money returned to me. Then he simply stopped replying. I have to take him to small claims court which is a ton of effort and time just to have my money returned. Be careful doing business with John.

He is now trying to run the store online and as consumers you should be aware of his unsavory business practices. For those of you considering doing business with him now because of a special. Be aware that the same CAP 12 pot watering system is also $300 at Growers House in Tucson and they will be there to.back up the warranty. I hope this helps you make an informed decision.

We need to support the shops that care.

I have no affiliation with any grow shops.Be very wary of Delta 13 and Arizona Grow Depot.


:( :(


For anyone who is tired of the run around from these crooked hydro business and ready to do business with an experienced, polite, trustworthy company with outstanding quality product please check out www.arizonagrowdepot.com!!


Looks like stealing money isn't the only thievery Howard practices.Google the content on his site.

His FAQ was straight copy and pasted from bghydro.com.Messed up stealing a customers money, and other honorable companies hard work.







Well you know I have looked at the site never heard of it before but while Looking around for a MCC-1 I found GTGHydroponics and gtghydroponics.com and Buyer beware.They are jacking the PRICE even over MSRP.

and well take the MCC-1 for 835.00 MSRP they have it listed there for 899.95 and they call that a Special Internet Price.hahahahA a rip off price.


Has anyone seen my order?


Oh Dear Howard, a great view of your place in the gated community, real good view from a Jet Ski....look real hard & you may just see me....


Agreed- He has my 5K. Bust rest assured, I have his home address, & I have his route down.....


where is my comment?


All these false claims and misleading *** from these people just trying to ruin a good business this is ridiculous many customers are very satisfied with homegrown-hydroponics.com They were even offering a great affiliate program.I wouldn't doubt it if the government had some part in this to stop the best grow box company on the web after all whoever is complaining is probably using the grow box for illegal growing.

Ups can also be dicks when it comes to these kind of products.who knows they probably had a big part in messing up orders or jacking equipment if they knew you were growing illegally what could you do it,s called bribery this world has no hope if this is what it is coming to :(


Oh, lordy, homegrown hydroponics sucks. What a pack of lazy thieves. For God's sake before you even THINK about sending them your money PLEASE google them for a while and read about the horrible products and customer service they provide.

And check with the BBB and see that awful F rating! What kind of crooks get continual F's? The best part is the BBB's definition of how bad a company and it's owner have to have RIPED people offto even GET an F rating.

Oh, lordy, they suck.


i ordered $4,000 system and i havent recieved anything at all shannon,howard or wayne if one of you can give me a call asap that would be appreciated i need to know whats going on (203)300-6904


I agree, STAY AWAY from Homegrown-Hydroponics!

It has been a so-so relationship that has come down to a disaster with us.

Now as I am typing this, the company seems to be out of business. All phone numbers are disconnected. No answers as promised from Howard or Shannon. Some legal problems that I have no clue or care. I have a VERY expensive PPM reader that is faulty that needs replacing under warranty and no resolution so I am now out $500.00.

We spent huge dollars and the only person at that company that really helped us was Wayne and now he is gone and now the company is gone.

If you are reading this Howard or Shannon, you have my number and Email!



homegrown-hydroponics currently has the Better Business Bureau logo and a rating of "B+" listed on their website. As of the date of this writing, the BBB website gives them a grade of "F".

They should remove this inaccuracy from their website immediately. The better business bureau should be notified about homegrown-hydroponics misleading marketing using their logo.

Homegrown-hydroponics appear to be up to the same old tricks.


But I would like to also add that I will never, in good conscience, recommend that anyone do business with homegrown-hydroponics.com.

No matter what, I say shop elsewhere just to be safe



Thank you for updating your post. Your company does indeed now have a B+ with the South Florida Better Business Bureau. Let me say that this is a step in the right direction. But it should be considered only a start.

I truly had a terrible experience, the worst online experience I've ever had, with your company. But since you are making attempts to improve your track record, I think you should credited for it.


I payed for my item that was suppose to be shipped on 11/5/09.I have been trying to contact them both by email and phone.

Nothing.I'm not sure what the deal is, but I'm not impressed


We are not in business to displease our customers! Obviously! Unfortunately UPS is rough with their packages and can sometimes damage fragile glass items.

Homegrown Hydroponics

to Steve,

I am reading your complaint and you seem to be displeased about the brand name on your air pump? Would you feel better if you were shipped a no-name brand pump from China? Would that somehow work better than the pump we sent you? Walmart is the largest retailer in Amercia and would not be as large as they are if they sold bad equipment.

Since we have been in business nobody has complained about any of our air pumps going bad on them. EVER! So the quality of the pump we sold you is above average and works well. Apparently you just don't like the name on the box?

What if I told you that Walmart outsourced this pump to a name brand manufacturer who sells air pumps at a much higher price, but simply brands the pump with their trade name? This is common in retail sales!

If it will make you feel better, send back the pump to


2950 Glades Circle #7

Weston Fl 33327

And we will gladly ship you an EcoPlus or Sunleaves air pump if that makes you feel better. We will also pay you back for the shipping of the pump back to us.

Homegrown Hydroponics

Never responded to your BBB enquires huh?

Take a look at the number of unanswered complaints on our BBB profile.

4 Agreeing to perform according to 1 Refusing to make an adjustment

0 Unanswered

5 Total

It reads 0, so if you are inaccurate about this statement, what other parts of your statement is also a wrong?

Take a look at our BBB rating. You claim we have a F, but we actually have B+ rating and not an F as you claim!

A B+, our real rating is almost a perfect score!

Lets see. In the last 36 months that the BBB is recording our history for there were 5 complaints out of the close to 3000 grow boxes we sold in 3 years.

Where is the message board for happyconsumer@homegrown-hydroponics?

If all of our satisified customers posted their responses it would by far overshadow the bad experience you claim to have had.

How about sharing your order number so that we know who you are instead of the anonymous post you are making on here. We will provide UPS tracking numbers for world to see for the replacement lamps that we sent you because we do NOT ship broken parts.

We are not in business to displease our customers! Obviously! Unfortunately UPS is rough with their packages and can sometimes damage fragile glass items.

Where are your complaints against UPS for breaking your lamp that we replaced two times??


If you want to buy a grow box, the best alternative is www.Dealzer.com - Many are now buying from that site and it seems to have a pristine record as far as customer service goes.I bought my grow box there, and the guy who answers the phone was very nice and attentive.

I kind of overcalled cause I was ansy to get my order, but he was ok with it.I had a real good experience.


I love how he says if something's broken file a notice w/ the carrier and ship it back...trust me, I did this...I sent a shattered CFL back to this loser and he never sent another one.Howard Birnbaum is a rip-off artist.

As others now point out...Homegrown-Hydroponics (the hyphen is the key) is a scam.

Shop around, avoid this guy.

I also read he gets an "F" grade from the Florida Better Business Bureau.Awful


From my experience Howard Birnbaum will rip you off, he will not honor his word.He took my money.

Be very cautious about doing business with the individual, I believe he is a fraud.The 'high dollar' pump he sent me said wal-mart on the side of the box


Mailroomjack.We don't ship broken parts.

If you received something broken on your order, then file a claim with the carrier and ship the part back for replacement.We replace all broken parts..


I've still never recovered my $$$ and he refuses to respond to any of the inquiries from the South Florida Better Business Bureau. Quite possibly the most horrible experience I've ever had dealing with an internet "business"

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